Poetry Writing: Attempt 5


Look nearby, there’s a story of a man who traveled the world seeking gold, not knowing his backyard was abundant with it.

And so he traveled, over valleys and hills, through rain and snow, bearing heat and cold, until he returned home exhausted.

The beauty he had abandoned stood at the doorway, her look questioning his decisions. “Have you finally found it?” asked she.

“Nay.” replied he, with sorrow in his eyes. He walked forward, hoping to be embraced, for it had been many a day since he felt love.

But the laconic figure walked away. He staggered behind her, grasping for the frill of her dress but she just seemed to be getting farther away from him.

Everything he wanted evaded him. But what was it, exactly, that he wanted? Riches? Or love?

Where was the gold, that he so relentlessly searched? Where were the riches that left him despondent, reduced to a derisory amalgam?

And then he saw it. All he needed was right before him. With one final burst of ardor he reached for her arm and stopped her in her tracks.

“Forgive me, my love!” he pleaded. “You are all I need. You are more to me than all the gold on this Earth. You are my world. I will never leave again.”

She wasn’t amenable, but his eyes seemed to pierce into hers. “I do not believe you” she said, but stayed in his arms.

“I promise.” said he and he kissed like it was the first time. Her body betrayed her intentions as she gave into the embrace and pulled him closer.

There’s a story of a man who traveled the world seeking gold, never found it and returned, only to decide that love was far greater than anything gold would bring him.


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