Poetry Writing: Attempt 3


Do you know what it feels like
When you become someone’s second
And know for sure you’re not as important to them
As you were before
Remembering how you used to think
That they would always give you
Their highest priority
All the times they told you how
You’ll always be their first
Now has you thinking
How much of a fool you were
Blindly believing, blatantly trusting
Almost sure that this time
It might be true
That perhaps, for once, your love
Would be returned equally or more
But you were wrong
They think you haven’t noticed
Or maybe they haven’t realized it themselves
That you will soon stop loving them
Very soon, you would distance yourself
And refuse to tolerate the fact
That you’re expected to love someone
When they’ve already replaced you
You can see it in the little things
That they usually did with you
But do no more
Do you know what it feels like
To feel the distance grow
Watching what’s familiar fade away
Do you know what it feels like
To become a stranger to someone so close
Do you know what it feels like to be left
With nothing but memories

Because I do.


Story Writing: Attempt 4


Opening his eyes, the world seemed to be crumbling around him. All the buildings were burnt down and lifeless bodies lay strewn around in every direction. He gasped from lack of breath. With all the strength left in him, he dragged himself to his feet and staggered in a random direction. Where was Ryuk anyway? Ryuk was supposed to be protecting him.

Trees were left charred to the ground and thick, black smoke was seeping out of everything around him. Someone in the distance lifted a hand in his direction, seeking his help, before falling back to the ground. He couldn’t have helped even if he wanted to. He kept walking calling out to Ryuk, but Ryuk was nowhere to be found. Another building collapsed on his left, but he just kept walking.

Ryuk was the only person in the world that he trusted. Ryuk was the only person in the world who would be there for him, always. He looked down at his bleeding arm as he trotted alongside a once beautiful house. His house. His home. He paused for a moment before he found the strength to go inside.


“Ryuk?” he called out as he entered the gates. No answer. Only the far off sound of mayhem could be heard. He walked up to the open door, black from the effect of fire. The house was nearly reduced to ashes, barely recognizable after the ordeal it had suffered.

“Ryuk?” he called out again. Still no answer.

“Ryuk!!” he was shouting now.

“Dan!!” shouted a voice in reply. The voice of, not Ryuk, but his brother Luke.

“Luke?!” Dan shouted back, following the direction of his brother’s voice. A second later he heard a gunshot. Turning around a broken wall, Dan saw Luke on the ground, his body tranquil and bloody. And there stood Ryuk, pointing a gun at the body on the ground.

Ryuk turned around to face the betrayed eyes of Dan. Ryuk didn’t smile, Ryuk didn’t even budge. And suddenly Dan understood. Ryuk wasn’t sent to protect him, Ryuk was the reason all of this was happening. Ryuk was the reason his brother was dead. Ryuk is the reason he was going to die.

“Ryuk…” he began.

“I’m sorry,” Ryuk said, now pointing his gun at Dan, “I really am.”

And the last thing Dan remembered before he slipped into oblivion was the tear that slid down Ryuk’s cheek.