Music update :D

New SoundCloud cover!

It didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted it to, but I love singing, therefore, I sing. Anyways, here it is:

Enjoy. ^__^


Poetry Writing: Attempt 2

The original I wrote in my notebook. During class.

The original I wrote in my notebook. During class.

Confined by these four walls
My mind fights to break through
Unknown forces hold me down
Preventing chances of escape

Suffocation clouds over
My vision goes blurry
The urge to fight back
Fades away slowly

Falling back on the ground
I finally give in
The darkness  is too thick
The forces too grim

My body turns cold
My breath slows down
And as my eyelids closed
I felt a warmth on my arm

With eyes reopened
I stare into your face
I see the smile on your lips
Oh, you look so out of place

Suddenly the darkness seemed to shrink away
Suddenly the forces began to pull away
And as you draw me closer to you
I can feel my heart beat anew

You lifted me to my feet
And showed me the light
The four walls have disappeared
Now everything is bright